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Tailoring the Evaluation


The goal of this module is to develop your evaluation plan which will include creating a logic model for your engagement initiative. 

Logic model approach to evaluation

Logic models can be helpful tools to outline a program’s goals, activities and expected impacts and tracing of key connections between each step. Logic models help support organizational approaches to engagement and partnering and its evaluation. Use the visual below and logic model worksheet to answer the following questions:

Goals and Objectives
Activities / Methods

​What are the goals and objectives for the engagement initiative you will be evaluating?


What are the objectives of the evaluation?

What structures, resources and inputs contributed to the engagement initiative? Consider both internal and external inputs. 

What engagement activities and methods are being used for this initiative? (Co-Design; Committees)

What happened as a result of the engagement initiative?


What did you learn?


What are the results?

What are your expected short-term, medium-term and long-term impacts?


Consider potential impacts on the people involved, the program, the organization and the health system.

Training Video

Key action steps and resources

Develop a logic model for your program/activity

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