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Collecting and Analyzing Results 


The goal of this module is to help you identify your sources of evaluation data. The final output of this module is your detailed evaluation plan.

Evaluation Data Sources

There are several ways you can collect data. Each approach has pros and cons based on the data collection processes used, the reliability of the data and the time needed.

In this section you will find a description of some common approaches to data collection with examples from patient engagement projects. 


Remember: When possible, having multiple sources of data is better than relying on only one source.

Data Collection Plan

After reviewing the various of data collection approaches, you will need to determine the most appropriate way to collect your evaluation data. We strongly encourage using a combination of data collection approaches such as surveys, interviews/focus groups and document reviews. 

Using the worksheet create your data collection plan. In this plan, identify the Domains and Items that you wish to evaluate. For each item, you'll need to identify the sources of data you will collect. An example is included below. ​


For each of the items, you will find a potential survey question that you can use and adapt for your own purposes. These questions are included in the item and question database


DomainKnowledge and Skills​

ItemPatient, family and caregiver partners develop new or improve existing skills as a result of their involvement in patient, family and caregiver engagement and partnering activities

  • Survey question

    • As a result of my involvement in patient, family and caregiver engagement and partnering activities, I have increased knowledge and skills. (Strongly disagree to Strongly agree)

  • Interview question

    • What new skills or improved existing skills have you acquired as a result of your involvement in engagement initiatives?

Training Video

Key action steps and resources

Develop a data collection plan

  • Complete the worksheet to identify how and when you will collect data to evaluate each of the items you selected 

Develop your data collection tools

  • ​Based on the domains and items you selected, and your data collection plan, develop the tools you need to collect data to assess these items

Collect your data

  • Using your tools and data collection plan, collect your data.

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