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About the Engage with Impact Toolkit

Health systems in Canada, and around the world, are actively involving, and partnering with, patients, families and caregivers to plan, design, deliver and fund their health systems with the goal of providing those most affected by these decisions with meaningful opportunities to shape them.


As patient, family and caregiver engagement becomes more firmly embedded in health systems, our interest in understanding how well we are doing has led to more emphasis on evaluation. We have a good handle on how to evaluate the the basics of patient, family and caregiver engagement process, but our understanding of the outputs, outcomes and impacts of PE initiatives in policy making, organizational design and health system governance is much less developed.


A number of frameworks and tools have been developed to support the evaluation of patient, family and caregiver engagement, but few of these frameworks provide explicit feedback on how to measure the impact of patient, family and caregiver engagement within health systems (Boivin et al. 2018). The Engage for Impact Toolkit aims to fill this gap. 

What is the Engage with Impact Toolkit?

The Engage with Impact Toolkit has been developed for a wide range of health system organizations to support evaluations that focus on assessing the impact of their patient, family and caregiver engagement work

The Toolkit was developed by a Working Group of patient, family and caregiver partners, health researchers, patient engagement leads and government personnel who worked between February 2020 and October 2021. Leadership and technical support was provided by the Public and Patient Engagement Collaborative at McMaster University, led by Dr. Julia Abelson. Please see here for more information about how the Toolkit was developed.

We expect patient partners, as well as patient engagement leads, in a wide range of organizations and networks, to be key users of this resource. No organization should be undertaking this type of evaluation work without patient partners on their evaluation team.

The Engage with Impact Toolkit is not a how-to guide for patient engagement. There are already many excellent resources on this topic (some of these are listed in the resource module).


Important note: When we discuss the evaluation of patient engagement, we are not suggesting that we need to evaluate the individual patient partners who are engaged in this work. Rather, we aim to evaluate the overall impact of the engagement process – including how the interactions between patient partners and others led to changes in the process, what was different due to these interactions – and how the outcome of the process led to changes within the health system.

Meet the Evaluating Patient Engagement Working Group

Public and Patient Engagement Collaborative

Julia Abelson 


Laura Tripp


Grace Kuang

Website Designer

Maggie MacNeil

Methods Support

Rana Saleh

Working Group Support

Jeonghwa You

Working Group Support

Claire Dawe-McCord

Patient Partner

Carol Fancott

Health Excellence Canada

Kevin French

Ministry of Health


Anna Gagliardi

University of Toronto


Rebecca Ganann

McMaster University


Jenny Gilbert

Ontario Health

Marisa Granieri

Patient Partner

Cathie Hofstetter 

Patient Partner


Anne Hayes

Ministry of Health

Bernice King

Patient Partner

Betty-Lou Kristy

Minister's PFAC

Amy Lang

Ontario Health

Michelle MacKinnon

Ministry of Health


Bradley Mannell

Ministry of Health

Alies Maybee

Patient Partner

Robert Paul

University of Toronto


Jessica Riehm

Ministry of Health 

Sakina Rizvi

Ministry of Health


Zahava Rosenberg-Yunger

Ryerson University

Kerseri Scane

University Health Network

Maureen Smith

Patient Partner

Susan Tkachuk

Patient Partner

Emre Yurga

Ministry of Health

Working Group Members

The Engage with Impact Toolkit is dedicated to working group members Anya Humphrey and Randy Filinski, who were both strong advocates for the importance of patient, family and caregiver engagement and of this work. 

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. It may be used for educational purposes and for use in public sector organizations. It may not be used for commercial purposes or product marketing.


Translations of the Engage with Impact Toolkit may be undertaken in consultation with the leadership of the Public and Patient Engagement Collaborative. 

You must provide attribution to the creator when the Engage with Impact Toolkit is used and shared. All attributions must be the following statement: “The Engage with Impact Toolkit has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License. © 2021, Public and Patient Engagement Collaborative. McMaster University. All rights reserved.”

The Engage with Impact Toolkit is a generic tool designed primarily to help organizations assess the impact of their engagement activities. The authors do not take responsibility for the improper use of the Engage with Impact Toolkit.

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